Field Notes-MechElephant


Field Notes-Elephant (based on a design by Johnny Rocket Ibanez), hand colored linoprint on brown shopping bag paper, 25″ X 17″ (print area 13” x 10″), $100.00 unframed.

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Having come across excited grapevine conversations about the improbable city-state of Mechania, the innovative (and controversial…) anthropologist Tafaner Sensaku decided to investigate for himself, sure that there was a juicy breakthrough discovery waiting. After living for months among the Mechanos, near the fishing village of Can-a-Ree, and imbued himself with their culture and history, he mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again, leaving behind in his Can-a-Ree hotel room his field notes together with the sketches of his amazing discoveries in the land of the Mechanos.

This is one of such sketches.


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